Organic Deluxe
(45 mins)


This pedicure uses Pearl Spa products which contain 31% Calcium and 56% Protein as well as so assortment of amino acids.

Process includes a soothing pearl soak, pearl cleanser to help rid the impurities in your skin, an invigorating sugar scrub, pearl hydration mask, callus treatment, hot towel applied to the leg, a lavish massage to the legs with massaging lotion to relax tense muscles. Last, but not least, this experience will finish with an additional massage using a mineral cream.

Green Tea Honey

Rich in antioxidants for skin benefits Feet soak in a revitalizing bath salt, exfoliate legs/ feet with rejuuvenating body scrub, callus softener treatment, relieving body mask on legs/ feet, hot towel treatment, retexturizing massage gel, complete with another massage of rehydrating shea butter cream.

Chamomile spa

The chamomile spa pedicure is a healing, calming, soothing, and antibacterial treatment to your feet. Chamomile also acts as an effective aromatherapy for anxiety as it is full of antioxidants.

This potent herbal mixture is designed to shoothe stressed skin, aching muscles and soften feet.

Come tish a healing balm pack to keep your heel soft while at home!


This experience takes your basic pedicure to the next step. It begins with a foot cleanse by soaking your feet in sea salt. Your toe nails and cuticles are then trimmed and shaped to perfection. Your legs are exfoliated and conditioned with tropical citrus sugar scrub and your heels are scrubbed with a pumice stone.

Your feet will be treated to a thin layer of a spearmint mineral marine mask to help heal and revitalize dry skin. A hot towel will be applied to your legs to relax your muscles and increase circulation. This charmed experience is completed with a tropical citrus massage to moisturize the skin. Toe nails are then polished with a color of your choice.

This spa experience will take approx. 25-30mins

Gel Pedicure

Give your basic pedicure the longevity that it deserve! Service come with your feet soak in sea salt, cuticles trim, toenails cut and shape, lightly exfoliate with sand scrubs, your heels are scrubbed with a pumice stone, a mini massage, and finished with a gel color of your choice cure under a UV light.

Gel color guarantee to keep your pedicures vibrant all season long. It can last for up to 4+ weeks so you don't have to worry about touch up while on vacation. Stress free, hassle free when pedicure is completed. Have a party to go too??? No worry about smudging because it's guarantee to dry instantly the minute you walk out the door!

Hot stone

Feet soak in natural detoxifuing sea salt to cleanse the feet. The legs are exfoliated with sugar scrub contraining essential oils and herbal extract. Callus treatment apply to heel, than scrubbed with a pumice stone to removed thick crack heels. A thin layer of hydrating moisture mask apply to deeply nourish the skin. Hot towel apply to relax the muscle and increases your circulation. A lavish massage to the legs with massaging oil along with hot stone massage to relax and help warm up tight muscles. Last, but not least, this experience finish off with another massage of lightweight gel lotion leaving your skin moisturize.

Jelly Pedi

Experience the latest trend to our salon-JELLY pedicure! Jelly pedi is truly a unique spa experience that turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Add Jelly pedi to warm water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy Jelly, which will retain its heat up to four times longer than regular water. Feet/ legs will then be exfoliate with sugar scrub after the jelly experience. A nourishing mask than applied to feet/ legs along with a special callus treatment for the heels. A hot towel is apply to both legs after the mask is set, and complete the experience with a massage cream to legs/ feet.

Both ultimate experience will take approx. 55 - 60 mins